What to Look for in an Informal Wedding Dress

Many brides are looking for an informal wedding dress. Informal or not, a bridal gown is special because a bride is wearing it. Nothing can take away the magic a bride has on her special day. Formal or informal, your wedding dress is still an important part of your wedding.

The ideal, informal wedding gown should be stunning and make you look fantastic. It's all about picking the right style and cut for your body type and personal style. Wear a strapless sundress if you want to show off your shoulders. Try a suit with a tight, knee-length skirt if you want to show off your legs.

Regardless of the style you pick, remember that informal doesn't mean sloppy. Keep to fitted styles, even if they're also casual. There's a reason you're not wearing an old T-shirt and jeans to the wedding, so don't waste your money on a dress that's the same sloppy equivalent.

Material is one of the major factors that determines if a dress in formal or informal. A gown made from satin, silk, velvet or taffeta is more likely formal. A gown made from cotton, jersey, wool, raw silk, hemp or rayon is more likely informal.

Light decoration can enhance an informal wedding dress. Heavy decoration usually makes a garment seem formal and/or fancy. Stick to something with a beaded neckline and hem as opposed to a bodice or skirt covered in beading. Lace edging, a single ruffle, light embroidery and/or tailored trimming can all be used to spice up a simple style.

A basic slip dress is a surprisingly versatile garment for informal weddings. If you want something a little sexy and fancy, try a knee-length cotton slip dress with cute lace edging. If you want something that's a little flirty but modest, try a floor-length jersey, slip dress with a semi-sheer long-sleeve overdress. If you want something sweet and earthy, try an ankle-length hemp slip dress that ties into a bow at the back.

Keep creative when shopping and remember the right shoes, belt or earrings can make all the difference to your outfit. Accessories can not only help make an informal garment seem more formal, they can help make a formal garment seem informal.

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