Should You Have Children at Your Wedding Reception

It's not easy to decide if you will have children at your wedding reception. Between choosing the menu and whether or not to have a band or DJ, you are going to make some pretty difficult decisions when you are making wedding plans. One of the harder decisions may be to decide whether or not to have children at the wedding. Children at weddings can either be a disaster or add to the festivities and the decision to invite them or not, is an extremely emotional and personal decision for the bride and groom.

You want your day to be yours and yours alone but at the same time you want your guests to have a good time and be surrounded by people who love you. Proper wedding etiquette states that children at a wedding is a personal choice. However, weighing the pros and cons of including the little ones in the happiness of your special day will go a long way towards making the decision easier.

Time is of the Essence
If you are marrying during the day and are planning an early reception, then including children on the wedding invitation may be appropriate. In fact, the earlier in the day for young children, may be better in terms of behavior and patience. If you plan on having an afternoon wedding and evening reception, then it might be best for all involved to leave the children at home. Children tire easily and that can lead to meltdowns and cranky guests and even the parents of the children if they are constantly disciplining instead of having a good time. Not to mention that your guests may have to leave early because little ones will need to home to bed.

Break it to Guests Gently,
If you don't plan on having children at the wedding, it's best to let everyone know as soon as you decide. The wedding party, parents and close family should be the first to know. Even before you send out the invitations and RSVP cards, be honest about not inviting children to the wedding. Hopefully your guests will understand your wishes; in fact some may even welcome the time away without the little ones in tow.

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