Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

With the green movement gaining popularity, wedding themes are becoming more eco-friendly. Concern for the environmental impact of your wedding can reach from the venue and materials you use all the way to the gifts you give your wedding guests. Here are some eco-friendly wedding favors that won't break your budget or harm the environment.

Recyclable favors

Creating wedding favors out of material that can be recycled is a simple way to turn a traditional wedding favor into an eco-friendly one. If you choose to include a bag of personalized candy, consider wrapping it in recyclable paper instead of plastic. Origami figures folded using recyclable paper are another paper alternative.

Hand-made beeswax candles or birdseed feeders can also be given to wedding guests. Not only will these be beneficial to wildlife, but they can also make a home livelier. A number of companies sell recyclable boxes and tags for wedding favors, so even the packaging is eco-friendly.

Grow a garden

For the green-thumbed couple, presenting your guests with garden-themed, eco-friendly wedding favors can be a great way to give a lasting gift. A decorative bag with a packet of seeds for the flowers used at your wedding, along with plant food or a spade, can allow your guests to beautify their homes and be reminded of you and your new spouse. Small potted plants or herbs can also be an eco-friendly garden option.

Recycled favors

Creating eco-friendly wedding favors out of recycled materials and found objects can be a great way to personalize the memories you give your wedding guests. Repurposed wine bottles filled with sand or rocks can serve as centerpieces and wedding favors for distinguished guests.

Carefully crafted pinwheels out of aluminum cans can serve as a unique, eco-friendly alternative for your guests to wave in lieu of throwing flower petals or rice or blowing bubbles after the reception.

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