Wedding Gifts and Party Favors

Your wedding day is indeed your special day. However, it is important (and polite) to acknowledge certain people participating in the day with you. You may have chosen to have close friends and family participate in your day in various capacities. To express your appreciation, consider presenting your bridal party, ushers and other participants with a gift. In addition, it is tradition to give your wedding day guests a token or party favor as well.

Who should receive a gift from the bridal couple?

Typically, an appreciation gift/memento is given from the bride to each of her bridesmaids and the flower girl(s). Likewise, the groom should present each of his groomsmen and the ring bearer with a gift. Traditionally, the bride and groom should present their parents with a thank-you gift as well. This gift expresses their appreciation for everything the parents have done for them throughout the years. Lastly, a token of appreciation should be given to any others who play a role in the couple's special day. This may include your ushers, church soloist or anyone that plays a helpful, specific role during your wedding.

Bridal party gifts: bridesmaids

There is no set rule on how much a bride needs to spend on her bridesmaid's gifts. Some brides have chosen to pay a portion of the bridesmaids' gowns as her gift to her attendants. Other brides will select a personalized memento or a piece of jewelry that can then be worn as part of the bridesmaid outfit. For destination weddings, the bride may choose to pay for her attendants' hotel expense, if her budget will allow. Traditionally, the maid or matron of honor receives an additional gift because her duties to the bride are more encompassing than the other attendants' duties.

Bridal party gifts: groomsmen

Like the bride, the groom is not bound by a specific monetary amount dictated by etiquette rules regarding gifts for his groomsmen. Typical groomsmen gifts, according to, may include personalized items like pocket knives, flasks, desk clocks, money clips, and cuff links. If all the groomsmen were enthusiasts of a specific sport, a theme gift for each, like personal golf tees or divot tools, would be appropriate as well. If having a destination wedding, the groom may consider paying for his attendants' hotel fee or a portion of the travel expense. The best man should receive an additional token from the groom.

For the parents of the bride and groom

A thoughtful gift for the parents of the bridal couple is a memory album filled with wedding pictures. Present your parents with a card before the wedding and a small album containing a few pictures from your engagement party and shower. Let them know that this is just a taste of what is coming. Make a larger album for each set of parents after all the wedding pictures are in and be sure to include as much as you can of prewedding pictures as well.

Other thank-you gifts

Gifts for the ushers, your soloist, Aunt Belle who read your favorite poem during the ceremony, and any other person who played an important role in your wedding day do not have to be grandiose. A token gift is appropriate and may range from key chains to a small, personalized picture frame.

Party favors

Party favors for your wedding guests should reflect the theme of your wedding while fitting into your budget. Party favors for your guests are a way for you to say thanks for sharing in your special day. Guest favors may range from edible treats like chocolates to candles to picture frames that double as place-setting markers.

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