Ideas for Spring Wedding Centerpieces

When it comes to ideas for spring wedding centerpieces, the options are almost limitless. Springtime is known for its generous bounty of flowers. Because of the plethora of floral arrangements available during this season, it may be difficult to settle on just one. If you are looking to arrange your own wedding flowers, or just interested in perusing ideas, this article will help you get started.

Emphasize Freshness
Spring is a time of newness. The bitter cold of winter is leaving, and the crisp air of spring is arriving. What better way to commemorate this event than through your wedding centerpieces? Pair brightly colored flowers with vibrant fruits to create an interesting table-scape. Incorporate citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges with yellow daisies for a delightful, fresh and inexpensive centerpiece.

Focus On Soft Color
Think of the colors of spring, whose soft pastels are never harsh or over-spoken. The entire mood of your wedding should mimic nature in this way, especially your flowers. Avoid the dark reds and muted blues that categorize fall and winter. Avoid any color that is too deep. Think in terms of white, pink, soft purple and baby blue. 

Find Popular Spring Flowers
Lilies, tulips, hyacinths and peonies are the most popular and plentiful flowers available in spring. No need to feel trapped in a one-note box when it comes to spring flowers. You can also venture into a more tropical territory with birds of paradise, or find your inner Zen with orchids or cherry blossoms.

Rely On Your Wedding Florist
If you are uncomfortable with conceptualizing your own arrangement, turn to wedding websites for references for a wedding florist. Once you hire a florist, be sure to communicate your desired mood so that your florist may recreate spring in your floral arrangements. Be as specific as possible, and do not hesitate to voice a differing opinion because it is your money that you are spending, and you should be happy with the final results.

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