How to Select Wedding Invitations

Planning your wedding requires a lot of elements. There's the cake, the flowers, the band, the location, and, of course, the dress. In the hectic race to plan it all, brides make two common mistakes with wedding invitations: They either let wedding stationery get lost in the shuffle, or they go overboard and spend more than they can afford. Here are some ideas on how to select wedding invitations.

Consider your style

Wedding experts will tell you that your wedding invitations should reflect your wedding's overall style. The invitation will be the first part of your wedding that your guests will see, and it will tell them something about what to expect. A formal wedding should have a more elegant invitation, while a casual wedding can take a more basic approach.

Consult your budget

Before buying anything, you should always consult your wedding budget. You don't want to spend a large chunk of your money on fancy engraved invitations only to find that you can't afford the wedding cake, flowers or dress of your dreams. Remember that if you come in under budget on your wedding stationery, you can use the leftover money on other parts of your wedding.

Shop around

Never buy wedding invitations without comparing the price and selection at other stores. Check out several places before buying, including online shops and local printers. If you are crafty, you might also want to look into the options for printing your own invitations at home.

Make a stationery checklist

When buying wedding stationery, you might decide that you want more than invitations alone. You can buy other coordinating pieces at the same time, such as save-the-date cards, wedding programs, thank you cards, table-place cards and other wedding items. Some stationery shops may even offer other coordinating items, like personalized champagne flutes for your wedding toast.

Decide on features

There are many different styles of wedding invitations. Some are folded with printing both inside and out, while others are a single card with all of the writing on the front. Invitations might include three-dimensional touches like raised print, ribbons or a vellum overlay. Look at several different styles and narrow down which elements you like the best. This will make it easier when talking to a local printer or sifting through the hundreds of invitation styles at online stores.

Check the fine print

Before you fall in love with a particular wedding invitation, make sure you understand what you will be buying. Are inner and outer envelopes included? Is there a minimum number of invitations that you will need to buy? Do you have to buy invitations in a certain number of increments, such as batches of 25? Is there enough room to print your chosen wording? All of these details should be a part of your decision, especially since they could easily raise the final cost.

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