Flower Girl Tasks

The Victorian Age marked the debut of the flower girl in a traditional wedding ceremony. The innocence and beauty of a well-dressed flower girl generally brings a smile to everyone's face, as does her act of scattering flowers down the aisle, in advance of the bride. The flower girl's tasks during a wedding ceremony are simple, but they reflect an important part of completing the picture of the perfect wedding day.

Most flower girls are between the ages of three and eight years old and a relative of the bride, such as a sister, niece or cousin. However, modern weddings allow for customized bridal party roles, which means the flower girl can easily be from the groom's side or the child of a close friend.

The most important flower girl task is to scatter flower petals from the flower girl basket as she walks down the aisle, creating a beautiful and fragrant pathway. As the bride travels down the aisle, which symbolizes her journey into a new life, the flower girl represents the bride's innocence and youthfulness.

The flower girl should be taught how to walk quietly down the aisle, properly carry the flower girl basket and scatter the right number of rose petals. It's a good idea for the little girl's parents to practice the pace and scatter technique with her a few weeks before the wedding. She can use something simple, such as pieces of confetti or leaves, to practice. If the flower girl is familiar with how she's supposed to do things, it won't seem as scary when the big day arrives.

When it comes time for the wedding, the flower girl should be given the cue to begin her walk down the aisle. Many brides seat the flower girl's parents near the front row so they can smile and encourage her as she does her task. If the flower girl is older and poised, she may enjoy standing with the bridesmaids while wedding vows are exchanged. However, for a little girl who won't be able to stand still for long, it is acceptable for one of the bridesmaids to escort the flower girl to sit with her parents.

While a single flower girl is traditional, it's perfectly acceptable to have two or three flower girls, each with her own flower girl basket, or for the flower girl and ring bearer to walk down the aisle together. No matter what variation is chosen, the flower girl clutching a fragrant flower girl basket of blossoms is a sweet and memorable tradition to include in a wedding.

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