How Do I Plan My Own Wedding

"How do I plan my own wedding?" Many brides on a budget have asked this question if they have seen the cost of a wedding planner. Weddings are a huge undertaking, but you can pull it all together yourself. Once engaged, many couples set a date at least a year into the future because it can often take that long to plan all the details. The good news is that, with all the weddings that take place each year, an entire wedding planning market has emerged to help couples make their special day as memorable as possible.

Using Wedding Planning Websites
With more people relying on the Internet for all of their daily planning needs, it makes sense that websites catering to engaged couples are flourishing. If you are planning your own wedding but want to make sure not to miss a single detail, a wedding planning site is a great place to start. Though most will charge a nominal fee, this is far less than what a professional wedding planner would cost you. The best part is you are in complete control of every little detail, and you can manage it all from the comfort of your own home computer.

Books And Other Wedding Planning Resources
If you are not computer- or Internet-savvy, you have other options. A large number of wedding planning books are available at most bookstores, and many include timelines, checklists and other such event-planning necessities. You are also likely to find many ceremony and reception ideas that never crossed your mind. If you don't want to rely entirely on books or websites, you can also consider computer software, purchased for a one-time fee. This type of resource will also offer printable checklists and guidelines for you to use each step of the way during your wedding planning adventure.

Enlist Friends And Family
Perhaps the best source of help for wedding planning comes from those who have been there. Friends and family who have experience with weddings can often give you the best advice, helpful tips and professional recommendations. Just remember that nobody is going to have exactly the same taste as you, so take opinions lightly. Using the aid of others is extremely helpful, though this is your big day and it's important to plan your dream wedding, not theirs. Be sure to let those involved know that you value their input, but that you will ultimately be making all the final decisions.

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