How to Cut Down the Guest List for Your Wedding

That special day you have looked forward to since you were a young girl has finally arrived. Your best friend has asked you to marry him! It's only natural to want everyone who is special in your life to be on the invitation list, but you will need to learn how to cut down the guest list for your wedding.

Unless you or your parents are extremely wealthy, it may not be possible for you to invite everyone you know. How do you decide who stays on the guest list and who can be cut out? Will some people be hurt if they don't receive an invitation?

Step 1

Decide how many people you can invite to your wedding. This will be determined by the space you have available, your budget, and whether or not you want a large, glamorous wedding or a small, intimate one. Once these decisions have been made, make a list of everyone you could possibly invite.

Step 2

If your list is larger than the number of guests you feel comfortable inviting, then you will need to start eliminating people. Go through the list and put a star by everyone that has to be at your wedding. This would include your immediate family, best friends, and family members that you see frequently.

You are never obligated to invite all or any of your co-workers to your wedding. Relatives that you seldom see can also be eliminated. You can also scratch college friends that are far away or those you don't care about maintaining a close relationship with over the coming years.

Step 3

If you still have more guests on the list than you can afford, make your wedding an adult-only affair. If you eliminate the children included in the families on the list, it will definitely make your wedding smaller. Continue to go over your guest list by following these tips, until you reach the number of guests that will fit your circumstances.

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