How to Write a Wedding Announcement

Find out how to write a wedding announcement that will alert your guests to your happy occasion. Before you send out your formal invitations, you need to let your guests know when the big event will happen. By sending out a save the date wedding announcement first, your guests will be able to set aside that weekend so they can be there for your big day and not on a family vacation across the country or at some other previous commitment. Here are a few ways to make your save the date wedding announcement great.

State the Important Info Clearly
The most important thing for how to write a wedding announcement is to include all of the information your guests will need to know. Be sure to include the date, time and city and state first and in the biggest font before you go into any other information or funny anecdotes. If you're getting married in a small town, you may want to include what bigger city it's near. Or if you're having a destination wedding, you may want to include hotel information or when other activities are occurring before or after the wedding.

Use a Photo
Your guest will enjoy seeing a photo of your and your partner on the save the date wedding announcement, especially relatives who may not have met your other half yet. In fact, for many announcements the photo is the main event. Consider sending photo postcards or even save the date magnets so your guests can keep the wedding in mind on their refrigerator.

Include a Web Site
Many couples decide to create wedding announcement Web sites to keep guests up-to-date on the latest details about your wedding. Not only is this convenient for your guests, but it's also great for reducing the amount of phone calls and questions you have to field as well. If you plan to have a Web site, set it up before you send out your save the date so you can include the URL. That way, even if you don't have information about hotels ready when you send out your wedding announcement, you can promise that more info will be available on your Web site soon.

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