Simple Wedding Reception Ideas

Simple wedding reception ideas can help maintain the fun in planning a reception. However, sometimes you can use some help with planning the ideas, even if you're keeping everything nice and easy. Perhaps the wedding ceremony is going to be so elaborate that the reception needs to be simple. Maybe the bride and groom prefer simple living. Or maybe the wedding budget is low on funds for the reception. Whatever the reason, simple wedding reception ideas are what you need right now. There are many wedding reception and party sites that can help with wedding reception planning, decorations, party ideas and more.

Simple Classic Wedding Reception Ideas
Simple ideas for classic wedding reception decorations might include white balloons with silver and white curly ribbons, white lace tablecloths, silver and white wedding reception centerpieces and simple clear vases with floating candles. is a wedding reception site that could be helpful for classic wedding reception decorations. Also available are wedding planning books, stationery and more. Everything you can think of involved with wedding reception planning or decorating, it seems they may have it. There is a wide variety of selection. They even have a boot-shaped stein for a classic cowboy wedding.

Simple Jazz Wedding Reception Ideas
For a jazz-style wedding reception theme, you may want to try substituting a live DJ with a jazz piano player. If you have a friend or family member who can play the piano, this should make this option pretty affordable. is not a wedding reception site, but it does have a large collection of Mardi Gras jazz-themed decorations and accessories. There are custom jazz cutouts, Mardi Gras lights, Mardi Gras beads, plenty of centerpiece items to choose from and even jazz-themed party favors. If you choose to give your guests Mardi Gras beads, black and white are good colors to choose for a jazz theme. Their planning guide will help you with some ideas on how to put it all together. To add wedding elegance to the jazz design, visit Hobby Lobby or another craft or wedding store. Hobby Lobby has plenty of silk florals to accent the jazz centerpieces with a wedding-style touch.

Simple Royal Ball Wedding Reception Ideas
You can feel like a queen and king at your royal ball wedding reception without going over the edge. This theme can actually be quite simple. Blue, red, burgundy or purple are often associated with royalty. When planning the wedding reception ideas and decorations, you may want to combine both gold and white with one of the above colors. The tablecloths could be one of the colors above, accented by the gold and white décor. Velvet (or an imitation with a velvet look and feel) makes a good fabric for the table coverings and adds to the royal look. An optional simple way to create the royal ball feel is to ask the guests to dress as if they were attending a royal ball. More ideas include playing classical music in the background and draping the walls with velvety fabric to create the royal feel. is a great site with plenty of different fabrics to choose from. If your budget is even more simple, try visiting thrift stores for the fabric. You'd be surprised at what you can find.

Simple Hawaiian Wedding Reception Ideas
To keep the budget simple, one idea is to have guests wear optional luau items, such as grass skirts. Let them know ahead of time, so that all who wish to wear Hawaiian attire will have plenty of time to purchase what they need. You might also choose to purchase them for the guests in advance. If so, be sure to get everyone's sizes. The boys and men may instead opt for beach shorts. Simple wedding reception decoration ideas include plastic leis, raffia bows, green balloons with raffia strings and flip-flops. is a wedding reception planning site that has plenty of supplies that may suit your luau ideas. There are even flip-flop centerpieces that could be placed at each reception table setting. For even more fun, add a Tiki Island Luau Pinata. To make lantern hanging more simple, try the lantern garland. This would save time that could have been spent hanging individual lanterns. Also available are raffia skirts, leis, luau confetti and even raffia table skirts.

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