Top Suggested Wedding Reception Foods

There are many suggested wedding reception foods that are proven crowd pleasers, but which you should choose for your special event depend entirely on the type of reception you're planning. Popular foods for a morning wedding reception differ from popular foods for an afternoon or evening reception, while popular foods for formal receptions differ from popular foods for casual receptions.

As a general rule of thumb, appetizers are the only types of food that are acceptable for any type of wedding during any part of the day. Guests always appreciate having something to nibble on while they talk and mingle after a long wedding ceremony.

Use simple appetizers, such as melon balls or mini-muffins, for a morning wedding reception. Use light and sophisticated creations, such as cheese puffs or stuffed celery, for an afternoon reception. Use rich and flavorful recipes, such as stuffed mushrooms or crab cakes, for an evening reception.

Morning Wedding Reception Foods
Popular morning reception foods are usually light and breakfast-oriented. Chunks of assorted fresh fruit are almost always expected by guests at morning receptions. For a low-cost menu, offer muffins, bagels and croissants with a variety of jellies and cream cheese toppings.

To offer popular foods at a fancy morning wedding reception, set up an omelet or waffle bar and hire a chef. You can also throw a buffet or a sit-down meal using bacon, sausage and egg's benedict. Offer mimosas, which are orange juice and champagne drinks, to adults and fresh-squeezed orange juice to minors.

Afternoon Wedding Reception Foods
Popular afternoon wedding reception foods are filling, but don't weigh you down. The most popular dish for a simple or fancy reception is the finger sandwich. Keep the reception cost low by offering turkey and Swiss, ham and cheese and/or roast beef and cheddar finger sandwiches. Spend a little more and offer fancy club, shrimp salad and/or cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches.

Low-cost, but popular, afternoon wedding reception foods include a variety of cold salads, such as garden salad, potato salad, fruit salad and coleslaw. There are several, popular, reception food choices if you have a large budget. Shrimp cocktail, California sushi rolls, stuffed brie wheels and Caesar salads tend to disappear quickly at any kind of party.

Evening Wedding Reception Foods
Popular evening wedding reception foods can be light or heavy, but they're always filling. The meals usually consist of meat, starch and vegetable portions. This choice tends to break down into beef, chicken or fish with rice, pasta, bread or potatoes and a side of green beans, corn or salad. Popular dishes for a simple reception include steak, rolls and green salad or chicken parmesan, pasta and green beans. General BBQ dishes, such burgers, fries, potato salad or seasoned chicken, are also popular.

The most popular fancy evening wedding reception foods take a break from basic selections. Common choices include salmon steak and green beans, lobster and twice-baked potato or shrimp fettuccini alfredo and fresh salad. You can also offer foods that are a fancy twist on a basic meal, such as filet mignon and new potatoes, chicken cordon bleu, fettuccini and green bean almondine or swordfish and rice pilaf.

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