Wedding Reception Games

Wedding receptions don't have to be predictable formal affairs. It's okay and more memorable if you inject a little surprising fun into the reception with some wedding reception games. These are really great if a high percentage of the crowd isn't into dancing, and also they help to loosen everyone up, get them mingling and having fun. Here are three suggestions for wedding reception games that are appropriate for any crowd at the wedding reception site.

Complete the Poem
Have at each table a sheet of paper printed with the first line of a poem about the bride and groom, for example, "Patty and Dave were wed today…" and each table has to work together to finish the poem. All finished poems will be read by the DJ or MC and collected in a small album to present to the bride and groom.

I Want
Have a list prepared ahead of time for this game. When everyone is at their tables, the MC calls out "I want someone with…" and fills in something from the list. Items on the list can include: painted nails, a brown dress, a scarf, red socks, a shade of lipstick other than red or pink, a picture of the bride, a person twelve or younger, a person 75 or older, a picture of a pet, etc. Be creative! When someone at the table fits the description, that person runs up to the MC for a point for his table. Tables can get more points if more people from that table go up to the MC. Everyone that fits the description gets a point from the MC. Points can be represented by small slips of paper, tickets, etc. The table with the most points at the end of the game wins. The prize is up to you!

Human Musical Chairs
Have seven or so gentlemen come to the dance floor and kneel on one knee. Have a number of women that is one greater than the number of men come up to play musical chairs, using the men's knees as the "chairs." Play the music for 20 seconds or so. When the music stops, the women have to find a knee to sit on. If the "chair" falls over, or all knees are taken, those without knees to sit on, or those who have fallen over are out of the game. Continue until there's a winner!

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