How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Music

Music is an integral part of any wedding reception. The right wedding music can set the tone as much as the surroundings. Similarly, the wrong music can ruin the ambiance you wanted to create. From formal to funky, wedding reception music creates an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Once you've decided what kind of wedding you would like to have, you can effectively pick the type of wedding reception music that will set it off best. The wedding reception site is a major consideration when you are choosing your play list. Is your wedding going to be held in an elegant ballroom? Hiring a band to play classic songs might be most appropriate. Or, is your wedding an outdoors affair where you want the guests to be up and dancing through most of the reception? In this case, a wedding reception DJ might be more suitable for your needs.

Wedding reception entertainment doesn't have to be limited to live entertainment. There are multiple websites on the internet that offer play lists of appropriate wedding music based on the genre you want, such as country, rock, or jazz. You can also mix and match how it is presented. You can hire a singer or a wedding reception DJ for part of the night (specifically the first dance) and use pre-recorded music to fill in the gaps. Some weddings offer karaoke and leave it to the guests to serenade the crowd, but this option is definitely for the more informal wedding.

As you make the music play list, remember that you may need to pick specific songs for events during the evening such as the cake cutting, the first dance as a couple and the father/daughter dance. If you have nothing special in mind for these, there are many song titles listed on wedding planning sites, or the band or DJ you hire can offer advice as well.

Regardless of what type of wedding reception music you use, make sure you sit down with your fiancé and come up with a list of songs that are either special to you or have meaning in some way and are appropriate for the surroundings. Personal touches such as this will help make the evening completely yours.

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