Ideas for an Elegant Black and White Wedding Theme

A black and white wedding theme is a flawless and timeless way to create an elegant event. The style fits perfectly into the basic wedding parameters, with the groom in a black tuxedo and the bride in a white wedding gown. However, the theme doesn't have to be boring just because it's common.

Wedding favors
Theme wedding favors are usually a big hit and your choices are literally endless for a black and white wedding. Steer away from tacky gifts, such as key chains or windshield scrapers. Candy, candles, stuffed animals, stationary, plates, spoons, mini-champagne bottles and picture frames can all be personalized in black and white to become your wedding favors.

Wedding cakes
Themed wedding cakes, just like all cakes, are always popular. A white, layered cake with a plastic bride and groom on the top is the obvious choice. Nevertheless, you can choice something much more personal than that. Instead of using a bride and groom, get black or white monograms of the first letter in each of your first names. You can also try sparkling white gems spelling out a word, such as love, or creating shape, such as a heart.

Throw a little metallic flare into your black and white wedding theme with a sleek, two-tiered, cake with silver icing covered in tiny black and white polka dots. A white, swan shaped cake with coconut shaving for feathers is a unique and elegant choice. Dark chocolate lovers can load up with a square, chocolate layer cake filled with vanilla pudding and covered in a dark chocolate glaze.

Wedding decorations
Decorations for a black and white wedding are only limited by your imagination. White roses and black satin ribbon always looks classy for the ceremony or reception. Black and white can also become modern with a mix of stripes, polka dot and checkered patterns. Black and white hearts, swans or doves can bring a romantic touch to the décor. Use delicate strands of fake, white pearls to help enhance areas decorated in black.

If you want to incorporate decorations and treats, try using two dessert fountains. Surround a dark chocolate and white chocolate fountain with fresh fruit for dipping. Make black chairs pop with large white ribbons and bows decorating the back. White flowers wrapped with black satin ribbon is another trick that always looks classy.

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Picking a unique wedding theme for your special day is highly personal and a matter of taste, your own taste. Don't let others influence you. It is, after all, your big day, not theirs. You can pick serious themes that blend into a traditional wedding or you can choose a unique wedding theme that is going to be meaningful to you.

If you or your fiancé is a firefighter, a firefighter theme wedding can be meaningful and beautiful.

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