Planning a Wedding Around a Season

Planning a wedding theme around a season brings your ideas to life. A seasonal theme makes it easier to choose colors and styles because your wedding date guides you in making arrangements in tune with the time of year.

Choose eco-friendly seasonal flowers first. They give you your color scheme, and that cues clothing, accessories, favors, table decor, and even invitation choices. If you already have a color scheme, choose seasonal flowers to match it.

Serve your guests from a seasonal menu also, since foods in season have the brightest flavors. Choose flavors that match the freshness of spring, the relaxed happiness of summer, or the abundance of fall.

Brilliant spring beginnings

In spring, bulbs bloom. Though people think of spring's colors as Easter egg pastels, spring also brings brilliant daffodils and vivid parrot tulips.

Use daffodils and bi-color parrot tulips for a sunny spring wedding. Table linens might be yellow, or the two main colors of your tulips. Bridesmaid's dresses can be crayon bright. Your theme is Brilliant Beginnings.

Asparagus, artichokes, baby greens, and peas are seasonal. Many kinds of seafood are at their best in spring. Your website, if you have one, might feature a tulip opening, and your invites might have a sketch of spring flowers.

Summer love is a picnic

Summer means daisies, a casual flower with a sunshine-yellow heart. With straw baskets of daisies and greenery on each table, you create a sunny relaxed occasion.

Guests are offered heirloom tomato salad, potato salad, cold chicken, and other foods that are eaten with knife and fork, but feel like a picnic.

Bridesmaids might wear a tiny chintz print. Another possibility would be pastel dresses and broad straw hats, to carry out your Love is a Picnic theme.

Your website would have clips of the couple picnicking in a local park. It could also show photos of them as children, at the lake, the beach, or camp.


Though falling leaves are thought of as brown, fall is also a season of scarlet berries, golden fields, and tree trunks darkened by the first fall rains. A dramatic color scheme might include calla lilies in burgundy, black, and pale gold.

If you have access to a country church or a barn, carry out your Plush Love theme amid brilliant trees. If possible, let your guests dance outside.

If yours must be a city wedding, choose a menu that will remind your guests of the harvest. You may not want to serve turkey, but a harvest salad can be sprinkled with brilliant pomegranate seeds, and you can offer squash soup with truffles, or a seasonal ragu of vegetables and mushrooms.

Your website could have clips of the bride and groom raking leaves, or running and jumping in leaf piles. You can communicate with your guests on the site too, and even ask them for honeymoon ideas.


Winter is the white season, but for a more sophisticated theme, incorporate the black of bare branches as well, and/or the pure blue of winter skies. For flowers, think narcissus, white tulips, and snowflowers.

You might have white tablecloths with black napkins, or table linens printed in black and white with touches of blue. The winter bride wears white, and her bridesmaids black or a cool blue. Other close family members might choose intense blues or reds to contrast with black and white.

Your wedding website could show a snowball fight between the bride and groom, or the couple building a snowman with an army of children. The couple could ice skate and fall down or kiss. Any of these would carry out the theme Love on Ice.

Seasonal wedding themes are a fresh idea. A wedding organized around a season simplifies planning, using the flowers and fruits of the season while they are in greatest abundance. Planning a wedding theme around a season makes everything easier.

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