Funny Things to Say in a Speech at a Wedding

Looking for funny things to say in a speech at a wedding? No one expects you to go up there and make like a professional stand-up comedian, but you can get the reception audience laughing with these simple tips.

Tell a good story.
If you are the best man, you probably have a few stories to tell about the groom. Make a list of some of your favorite times that you've shared with the groom. The best stories to tell involve moments that illustrate something positive about the groom's personality.

Keep it short.
Your story might involve a crazy tale of a car breaking down in the desert or that time the groom tried to hook a fish and it pulled him into the water. The story may take a long time to cover all the details, but attention spans at weddings are notoriously short. Aim to write a speech that is under five minutes. The guests will appreciate it, and you won't need to work as hard to memorize it.

Don't be offensive.
No one's sense of humor is the same, and some people are more easily offended than others. While some people might seem oversensitive, keep in mind that it's the bride and groom's wedding day, not yours, and you want to keep everyone happy. Leave out any expletives, and don't tell stories that refer to any kind of illegal or borderline bawdy activity.

Steer clear of exes.
The best story you have about the groom might involve something the groom did with a former girlfriend. If that's the case, stop right there. No one ever, ever wants to hear about an ex at a wedding, no matter how funny or harmless the story is. Even if the groom has a great relationship with his ex and she's a wedding guest, just don't do it. In the rare event that all of your good stories about the groom involve exes, give up and write a speech talking about what a great guy the groom is.

Practice your timing.
No matter how funny your speech is, no one will laugh if you deliver it in a monotone. Watch stand-up comics on television, and observe their mannerisms. You'll find that these comics emphasize specific words in a sentence, or they throw in some face or hand gestures to stir up the audience. Once you choose your story, practice the speech in front of the mirror until it is just right. And always, always give the audience plenty of time to laugh after a punchline.

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