Preparing a Rehearsal Dinner Toast

For advice on preparing a rehearsal dinner toast, read on. The wedding rehearsal is an exciting event, because it's usually the night before, or at least very close to, the wedding itself. The guest list is usually the bridal and groom party, plus parents and close relations. It's an intimate gathering with the people who know the couple the best and are there to celebrate the upcoming wedding and culmination of all of the months of planning for the big day. 

The rehearsal dinner toast is for thanking the various people who planned the wedding, and those who will be participating in it, and also to wish the couple lots of love and joy as they start their life together.

If you are preparing a wedding rehearsal dinner toast, keep these themes in mind: thanking people for their help, welcoming two families into a combined larger family who will love and support the couple and each other, a wonderful wedding celebration ahead and love itself. All wedding rehearsal dinner toasts should include at least two of these themes, if not all of them. You may not need to formally write the toast down, but if you think ahead of some of these themes, you will be able to speak nicely off the cuff.

It's also good to mention something nice about meeting people from the other family (the groom's if you are from the bride's side, or vice versa). Compliments are always welcome, and since this is a time to celebrate love, there should be lots of good feelings in the air.

Often at wedding rehearsal dinners, there are gifts to be given in appreciation of those in the wedding party, and the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom to be. The timing is perfect for toasts to be made as these gifts are presented. So if the groom to be is presenting a gift to his mother-in-law to be, he can give a toast at the same time. If the mother of the bride wants to give a toast, she can do it after she has been presented with a gift. The timing for toast can flow that way. When attention turns to you (because you're being thanked or gifted), you return with giving a toast to the couple or anyone you want to thank for helping plan the special day.

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