Writing and Practicing a Best Man Toast

If you are the best man, you can expect to give a toast at the wedding reception. Toasts are a way to honor your loved one and to honor the union of two people. However, no one wants to give an embarrassing or disrespectful best man toast. Thus, it is important to not only take time to consider what to say and how to say it but also take the time to practice the speech.

Brainstorm before you do anything else. You want to think about what to say about your good friend. Thus, it is important to consider what funny or entertaining anecdotes you can bring into the toast. Additionally, you want the speech to be interesting and appropriate. Therefore, this is a time to weed out any college or embarrassing stories you might normally tell about your friend. Start brainstorming as soon as possible. You want time to consider what to include in your speech.

Now is the time to carve the speech from your brainstorming notes. Short and sweet is always preferred, especially since you probably won't be the only person making a toast. Thus, touch on the union of this marriage and your relationship with your friend.

Make the speech personal. Sure, you can find speeches online to use for your toast, but this will make your toast seem boring or unoriginal. Instead, take the time to think about how to make your speech related to your relationship with your friend and to the union of these two people.

Practice making a toast well before the wedding. The more familiar you are with a speech or toast, the more comfortable you will be saying it in front of other people. Try writing down the speech a number of times. You don't have to memorize the speech, but it will familiarize you with the speech so that you don't have to keep your eyes trained on a piece of paper while toasting your friend and his new partner. Try practicing with a glass in your hand so that you're used to having one when it comes time to make the toast.

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