Popular Winter Wedding Themes

Winter wedding themes can be as elegant, fun or wild as themes from any other season. Choosing a winter theme brings many grandiose possibilities, whether you want to evoke the spirit of the season while you stay warm inside or want to brave wedding photographs out in the chilly winter world outside. Popular winter wedding themes bring the wonder of winter indoors without sacrificing comfort.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme
The most popular winter wedding theme is to create a magical, winter wonderland. This theme tends to use a white, red and silver palette with lots of accent colors. You're going to want to incorporate common winter items into the decorations, such as snowmen, snowballs, penguins, polar bears, snowflakes and icicles.

  • Reception decorations for a winter wonderland wedding should start with covering the tables with red tablecloths and white dishes. Add glittery snowmen, cuddly polar bears or scarf-wearing penguins as corner decorations. Hang icicles and snowflakes on the walls and ceiling. Add knitted mittens, scarves or hats to centerpieces or use pictures of winter-garbed animals for the place cards.
  • Flowers for a winter wonderland wedding should include white and red roses with sprigs of colorful filler. Evergreen accents match well, as do a little holly, mistletoe and sprigs of silver beads. Colorful ribbon that echoes any scarf, hat or mitten hues should also be included.

Christmas Wedding Theme
Though New Year's and Valentine's Day can both be considered winter holidays, the most common theme for a winter holiday wedding is Christmas. This theme tends to use red, white, burgundy, gold, silver and green hues. Common Christmas decorations include evergreen trees, wreaths, bows, stars, angels and ornaments.

  • Reception decorations for a Christmas wedding can use tablecloths in red, green, white, silver or gold. Add evergreen wreaths and garland to the walls and/or poles. Create mini, decorated Christmas trees to serve as corner or table decorations. Use personalized tree ornaments to give to your guests as winter wedding favors.
  • Flowers for a Christmas wedding should include poinsettias for the tables and a mixture of red, white and green for the bouquets. Any floral arrangement will look good with silver or gold accents. Use a variety of ribbon and bows to help add the festive colors found in Christmas ornaments and presents.

Snowflake Wedding Theme
A snowflake themed winter wedding creates an elegant and sophisticated look. The theme usually uses white, silver and blue hues with lots of crystal and glass accents. You're going to want to focus the decorations on snowflakes and icicles with plenty of sparkle.

  • Reception decorations for a snowflake wedding should start with covering the tables with white and ice-blue tablecloths. Sprinkle silver confetti over the tables. Set the tables with sparkling glass dishes and sparkling silver utensils. Hang strings of icicle-shaped lights and crystalline snowflakes around the ceiling, walls and poles.
  • Flowers for a snowflake wedding should include white roses with sprigs of silvery and icy blue filler. Dark and icy blue ribbons or accents should be added sparingly. Think about including crystal beads, glass beads, icicles or snowflake shaped decorations to the floral arrangements.
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Imagine a winter wedding wonderland scene: An old-fashioned frozen pond with people dressed warmly in sweaters, hats, gloves and mittens ice skating on it, snowmen built alongside the pond, icicles dripping from the trees, plus hot cups of cocoa and a roaring fire to go home to. You could take this scene and use the elements to create your own winter wonderland theme wedding.

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