Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Seasonal wedding planning that incorporates winter wonderland wedding ideas creates a romantic theme for a wedding during the colder months. Highlighted with an array of colors to choose from, a winter theme can be enhanced by utilizing the services of a wedding florist who can tie the theme together with appropriate flowers.

Wonderland Ideas
A key to creating a winter wonderland themed wedding is in the colors used throughout the ceremony and reception along with the atmosphere that is created using decorations and floral arrangements.

Bring the theme of winter indoors using all white decorations highlighted with silver ribbons. If applicable, have the bride arrive by horse drawn carriage or sled. Accessories would include an all white faux fur muff and long jacket.

Use solid white flowers for the bride's bouquet, groom's boutonnière, and those participating in the ceremony.

Sprinkle artificial snow along the bridal path down the aisle.

To create a winter wonderland atmosphere, incorporate white chair covers decorated with silver satin ribbon and white tablecloths highlighted with silver, gold, or blue place settings or use solid white table settings complimented by ruby red glassware and gold utensils for a seasonal winter wonderland theme.

Decorate tables with centerpieces of red and white poinsettias or incorporate the colors of the wedding theme. If using silk roses for centerpieces, select buds decorated with clear dewdrops.

Use clear glass globes or tall vases and place a floating flower in each container or use clear glass beads to hold flowers in place. Highlight the flowers with glowing battery operated taper or tea candles.

Scatter silver glitter, crystal stars, white rose petals, and miniature snowflakes across each guest table and along the wedding table.

Hang miniature twinkling lights, white snowflakes, and blue stars at varying lengths from the ceiling to create a starry night.

Entwine twinkling lights into tall floral arrangements and place around the room to add subdued lighting.

Include wedding favors for guests that support the winter wonderland theme.

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Imagine a winter wedding wonderland scene: An old-fashioned frozen pond with people dressed warmly in sweaters, hats, gloves and mittens ice skating on it, snowmen built alongside the pond, icicles dripping from the trees, plus hot cups of cocoa and a roaring fire to go home to. You could take this scene and use the elements to create your own winter wonderland theme wedding.

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