How Many Games in a Major League Baseball Season

Do you know, how many games are there in a Major League Baseball season? How many games will your favorite team play this year? How can you keep up on your favorite baseball team's standings? 

There are 30 Major League baseball teams in the United States. Each Major League team plays 162 games each year, meaning there are 2,430 baseball games to watch each year in most circumstances.

Major League Baseball is broken down into two major divisions: the American League and the National League. Inside each of these segments are further divisions: West, East and Central. To keep up with your favorite team's schedule and standings, you can check in with the official Major League Baseball Web site for easy access to updated standings.

Baseball season runs from February to October. The Major League season is divided into three segments: preseason, regular season and post-season. Preseason is also called Spring Training. This is when the team comes together to practice, usually someplace warm like Florida. Baseball fans anticipate the week the pitchers and catchers return to Spring Training because these key players usually arrive at camp early to get extra time in. The regular season starts with the first game in the beginning of April. Games continue until late September or early October.

While the regular season is structured to include 162 games, there are some cases in which two MLB teams find themselves playing an extra game. As was the case during the 2009 MLB regular season, two teams competing for the American League Central division title ended the regular 162-game regular season tied, each with 86 wins and 76 losses. The two teams, the Minnesota Twins and the Detroit Tigers, played a tiebreaker game to determine who would move on to the playoffs. After 12 innings, the Twins emerged victorious and the Tigers headed home for the winter.

Post-season takes up the whole month of October, as the Division Championship Series narrows down the competition, leading to the League Championship Series. The winners in that round of the playoffs make it to the World Series. In the World Series, also called the Fall Classic, the two league champion teams compete in a best of seven series of games. Whichever team wins the best of seven games is declared the world champion for the year.

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