How to Find a Baseball Team to Join

Baseball is a game you can play until you're 80. That's of course if you want to play until you're 80. At some point though, it's better to watch and not take the chance of breaking a hip sliding into home. But, if you really want to play, there is a league for you, no matter your age.


Just Starting Out


In every town, in every state throughout the country there are baseball programs for children who aren't even taller than a regulation size baseball bat. Tee-ball, as it's called, is an excellent introduction to the game of baseball. Usually, the ages vary from four to six. It's fun, exciting and the format really gets the parents involved. The best way to find out about these particular programs is to go your local recreation department or check one out on line. The recreation department's information should be on your town or city's website. Or, read your local newspaper. 


The Little Leagues


Once your little one graduates from tee-ball, it's time for little league. Again, this information is listed on your town or city's website or in your local newspaper. The great thing about this level of baseball it's so easy to find and there are so many teams all age appropriate as well as ability. Most towns follow the little league model. Meaning, the rules they follow are governed by Little League Baseball. However, your town may offer an alternative to the little league system. It's still the game of baseball but independent town leagues aren't eligible to compete in the Little League World Series.


The age limit for this level run from seven on up to twelve. 


Life After Little League


There are many opportunities from age thirteen on through adult-hood to play baseball. The most obvious is your local high school. Or, if you are a college student, try-out for the team at your school. There's also American Legion baseball. There are hundreds of Legion halls all over the country and they offer extremely competitive baseball for high school age players and up. All it takes is contacting your local branch. 


Adult Baseball


Perhaps you're sitting there, reminiscing about your glory days on the diamond. There is hope for you too. In most major cities there are "city leagues" that are geared toward adults and like little league are age appropriate as well as ability. Perhaps there is a league in your town. Finding information on these leagues are a little more of a chore. Stop by a batting cage in your neighborhood and check the flyers. The Web can be your friend in this department, as well.

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