How to Make a Little League Baseball Schedule

Want to figure out how to make a Little League baseball schedule but don't know where to start? Don't worry, there are plenty of resources available to guide you and support you while you figure out how to coach your players, elicit volunteers and organize your team.

The first thing you'll want to do is familiarize yourself with Little League rules, regulations and protocol. Take some time to read through the pages at the official Little League Web site so you'll get a good idea of what the organization is all about. This Web site will give you a good idea of the flavor of the league and what the expectations are of your team and of you as an overseer.

Next you'll want to contact the past Little League organizer to ask questions about how he or she organized the league last year. Make a list of questions and take the past organizer out for coffee or lunch to discuss the ins and outs of your responsibilities. Be sure to thank the veteran for all input offered, even if you decide not to use all of it.

Determine how many games the facilities can support this year. Most Little League season schedules have around 20 games in a season. Using a Round Robin schedule, how many games can you reasonably squeeze into the season? Take into account available daylight and parents' schedules.

How many teams do you have? If you have five teams, it's easy to have each team play one another four times, but if you have six teams, you'll have to set up each team to play one another three times, then randomly assign the teams that will play each other the extra time.

Do your best to avoid teams playing one another in consecutive games. Try to vary the schedule such that teams play on different times of the week. If possible, vary both the times of day and the days teams play one another.

Set up your playoff schedule. You'll want to set it up so the top four teams with the best playing records will play against one another in the playoffs. Determine what you will do if more than four teams have equivalent, best records. You may want to announce a play-off between teams that tie.

Rank the top four teams from one to four-best to worst-using the season playing records. In the playoffs, you'll want to set up the number one team to play against the number four team, and the number two team to play against the number three team. This way you should end up with the best two teams in the final playoff round. This is usually done as a double elimination playoff schedule, with a team having to lose twice to be taken out of the playoff rounds. Use the templates available on the Little League site when scheduling the double elimination games.

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