When Did Baseball Start

When did baseball start? That's a question that can cause debate, depending on whom you ask. Whether you're talking about the history at the baseball stadium or you're learning more about the first baseball players, here's a brief history on the beginning of baseball.

The origins of baseball are often debated. There has been a myth that has been held as truth for a long time that Abner Doubleday was the originator of baseball. It was said that Doubleday, while a cadet at West Point, invented the game of baseball while in Cooperstown, NY. This turned out to be not true; it was a myth created by a group of baseball experts to give the sport of baseball a history. The Hall of Fame didn't do much to deter people's perspectives on the history of baseball. Instead it allowed the myth to stand, using it to give credence to the Hall's Cooperstown digs. Today, a painting of Abner Doubleday hangs in the Hall of Fame.

In truth, baseball was created by a man by the name of Alexander Cartwright. He didn't come up with the game completely on his own; the sport of baseball derived from other sports such as rounders and cricket. 

Baseball, or the first version that our country knew, was played in the U.S. in the early 1800s. It was called "Town Ball." The rules were far from the rules which we know of baseball today. They varied, depending on where the game was being played. Sometimes the rules incorporated batters pitching to themselves. Other times the players ran in counterclockwise direction. Cartwright played Town Ball with a team known as the Knickerbockers. With Cartwright leading, they developed a uniform list of rules for baseball, some of which still stand today.

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