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What is the best baseball glove made? The answer depends on whom you ask. Some baseball players love their Macgregor baseball glove while others believe Mizuno's "Mizuno Pro" or Rawlings' "Primo" are the best. For years Rawlings cornered the market on the best baseball gloves, but its title has been challenged in recent years by Nike, Mizuno, Easton and Nokona.

Unfortunately, you're not going to find a quality glove on the shelves of Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any other discount stores. If you want the best glove, you need to be prepared to pay top dollar. Rawlings' Primo will set you back $400 while the Mizuno Pro will lighten your wallet by $300 (although these do not necessarily make them the best baseball gloves. In fact, many professional players shun the Primo). Nike and Nokona offer their premium gloves starting around $125.

While Rawlings has been manufacturing baseball equipment for over 120 years and is probably the most recognizable baseball name, many experts believe that Nokona actually makes the highest quality glove. Though not as well known, Nokona has been manufacturing gloves since 1934.

The Rawlings' Primo took two years to develop but was worth the wait. It's made from hand-sewn Italian leather. The company claims the glove can be broken in to suit a player's position making it versatile. This benefits the player as it isn't necessary to buy a position specific glove which can only be used for one position, but a glove that can be used for a variety of positions.

Mizuno attached pressure sensors to players' hands while developing its "Pro" model to give players the most protection and most comfortable fit. The company is so confident in its product that it has come right out and claimed to be the world's best glove.

Nike has also aimed at making their gloves more comfortable and included a feature that keeps players' fingers cool and reduces perspiration giving the player more control over the glove without worrying about it slipping.

The average day-to-day player has no need to pay such high prices for top-of-the-line gloves. These gloves are for serious players only. Also, whether you're a righty or a lefty, you'll find the quality of the glove is consistent from hand to hand and you do not need to worry about finding a company that specializes in lefty baseball gloves. 

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