How to Throw a Baseball Faster

Want to learn how to throw a baseball faster? If you want to increase your ability to throw a baseball with speed, you'll need to work at it. Follow these simple steps to a faster pitch or throw.

Eat Right
Nutrition is more important than you may realize. Make sure you're consuming healthy whole foods, such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Drink water when possible, avoiding soda and other sugary snacks.

Work Out
You'll need to strengthen your trunk, legs, shoulders, back and arms. Why should you work out your whole body in anticipation of throwing a baseball? Because you use your whole body when throwing a baseball. Try to balance cardio with weight resistance training, and make sure you don't do a hard upper body workout in the gym the day before a big game. Allow yourself enough time for your muscles to repair before you work them in a baseball game.

Learn Proper Form
Ask someone to teach you the proper form for throwing and pitching a baseball. Pay great attention to the correct form and practice often. Make sure you use your entire body to throw the ball, not just your arm or shoulder. Not only will you prevent injury, you'll pick up extra velocity.

Show Restraint
Don't over-practice or you'll injure yourself. As soon as you feel pain in your shoulder, you need to stop. Pay attention to the messages your body sends you.

Practice These Pitching Drills for More Efficient Form
If you learn to pitch well, you'll be able to throw that baseball faster no matter where you are positioned in the field. Complete the following drills twice a week:

Slow Motion: Run through the pitching motion as slowly as possible, concentrating on using every muscle involved. Focus on maintaining proper form all the way to the follow through. Repeat.

Pivot Foot: This drill will help you learn control over the rubber and will improve your directional side. Place your pivot foot against the rubber of the pitcher's mound, positioning it such that your instep faces the plate. Make sure your weight is on your stride foot. Transfer your weight to your pivot foot and continue with the knee lift and follow through. Repeat.

Knee Lift: This drill will improve your balance and control, allowing you to put forth more force as you throw. Begin with your knee lifted into proper knee lift position, but hold the knee lift for a full five seconds. Finish out with the correct stride and launch motions. Repeat.

Launch: Place your feet at least shoulder-width apart in the launch position. Ask the coach to watch you proceed through practice launches with the coach at your side, correcting any errors in your form. Focus on good use of your whole body to deliver the pitch.

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