Teaching Kids How to Run Bases

Learning how to run the bases can save your kid some embarrassment. On any given television program that shows funny videos, there's always one of a children's baseball game. Usually, it's a tee-ball game with lots of adults around cheering on their future A-Rods or Big Papis. It's nice. The funny comes when one of the little tykes runs the wrong way, down to third instead of first base. Or, one of them runs with the bat around the bases. Laugh out loud. Even better, when one of the kids misses the base and has to run back and tag it. Hilarious. Rib tickling to America, not so fun for the parents. Embarrassing. All of these situations could have been avoided if only they taught their son or daughter how to run the bases.


Drop the Bat


The first thing every child needs to learn when running the bases is to drop the bat when leaving the batter's box. It's an obvious thing, but a kid will sometimes forget a minor detail such as dropping the bat in the heat of the moment.


Going to First


After the young player drops his or her bat, then it's an all out sprint to first base. You can even make a game out of running to first. Have your child pretend they're racing against an imaginary person. Kids like that sort of thing. Most importantly, it makes the learning part of baseball fun. Once the player understands the concept of sprinting to first, then it's time to take it up a notch.


Who's on First?


Also remember to make sure that you child actually touches first base. It's another simple detail that sometimes is forgotten. Next, when hitting a single or trying to beat out a throw, players should always veer off to the right after tagging first. If they don't and turn towards second they can be tagged out.


Making it Home


Going to second, third and home is similar to going to first. It's a hard sprint to each bag with the hopes of making it there before the ball does. Just remember to run hard and touch the base.

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