2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top Shortstops (SS)



The 2010 Fantasy Baseball season will be here before you know it and many smart owners are already preparing for their 2010 Fantasy Baseball Draft. This fantasy baseball season promises to bring excitement as we try to predict the next breakout MLB sleeper candidate. Here is a rankings breakdown of the top ten 2010 Fantasy Baseball shortstops with a sleeper pick added.

2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Top 10 Shortstops

#1 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings SS: Hanley Ramirez- Florida Marlins

Hanley Ramirez continues to be a premier fantasy baseball shortstop with his 30/30 potential and high batting average. Ramirez hit 24 homeruns and had 27 stolen bases with a .342 batting average in 2009. Look for him to again lead the shortstop position in total fantasy numbers for 2010.

#2 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings SS: Jose Reyes- New York Mets

Reyes was injured for most of the 2009 season and is a big question mark for many fantasy baseball owners heading into 2010. If healthy, Reyes is the best stolen base threat in the league. Reyes swiped 56 stolen bases in 2008 and adds some decent pop with 15 home run potential. Are you willing to take the risk in 2010?

#3 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings SS: Troy Tulowitzki- Colorado Rockies

Tulowitzki answered critics with a great 2009. He hit 32 home runs , 92 RBI's and stole 20 bases. This was a breakout season for the often streaky shortstop. Expect Tulowitzki to continue this type of production in 2010.

#4 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings SS: Jimmy Rollins- Philadelphia Phillies

Jimmy Rollins had his numbers slip across the board in 2009 and many fantasy owners will be wondering if his best years are behind him. He is still a solid fantasy player at a weak position. Take a look at Rollins on draft day if the top three shortstops are off the board.

#5 2010 Fantasy Baseball Rankings SS: Derek Jeter- New York Yankees

Derek Jeter had an increase in numbers with the help of the new Yankees stadium in 2009. He hit 18 home runs and stole 30 bases. As always, Jeter also hit for a high batting average at .334. Jeter should still have some solid years left in him and is never a bad choice during your fantasy baseball draft.

#6-10 2010 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

#6 Alexei Ramirez SS Chicago White Sox
#7 Jason Bartlett SS Tampa Bay Rays
#8  Stephen Drew SS Arizona Diamondbacks
#9  Elvis Andrus SS Texas Rangers
#10 Rafael Furcal SS Los Angeles Dodgers

2010 Fantasy Baseball SS MLB Sleeper Pick: Asdrubal Cabrera- Cleveland Indians

The shortstop position will be thin in 2010 like it always is for fantasy baseball. Try to grab one of the first five names on this list.

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