Basic Guide to Shooting a Basketball

The first step to shooting a basketball is to learn the correct form. When watching players shoot, it may appear that the arms are used to launch the ball. However, every shot begins in the legs. The shooter should begin each shot in the athletic position, balanced with legs spread should width and bent knees. Feet should face straight towards the basket. The player should start off holding the ball at the side like in a holster. In one smooth move, the player should lift from his feet to his toes extending his legs and jumping into the air. Simultaneously, the ball should be lifted up and released as the player reaches the peak of the jump. When releasing the ball, arms should be extended and the player should follow through with a flick of the wrist. When practicing, the player should keep a few other main pointers in mind.

1. The shot should have a high arc like a rainbow

2. Do not aim for the front of the rim. Look at the back to ensure the shot does not fall short

3. The whole process of shooting does not need to be learned at once, but it is important to learn how to follow through early in order to prevent poor habits.

There are some simple drills to help develop a good follow through and high arc in a shot.

A. (Follow Through) Lay down on your back and shoot the ball up into the air repetitively with extension of the arm and flick of the wrist.

B. (High Arc) Sit down a few feet in front of the basket.

C. (Follow Through) Stand facing the basket without a ball and practice the motions of shooting with an emphasis on the follow through.

D. (High Arc) Help translate a high arc in a shot from practice to a game. Have someone else stand in front of you with arms up while you take some practice shots.

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