2010 NBA Free Agents: Best Small Forwards (SF)


There are several small forwards that could be available through free agency in the NBA in 2010. Here is a look at the best 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agents.

Top 5 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agents

#1 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agent- Lebron James SF Cleveland

The King of Basketball, Lebron James, goes into free agency in 2010. Will he resign with Cleveland or look for a bigger market? How about New York? Only time will tell where he ends up. It will surely be one of the larger stories in sports in 2010 if James leaves Cleveland for another team. James is one of the biggest free agents the NBA has seen in a long time.

#2 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agent ? Paul Pierce SF Boston

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen both become free agents for the Boston Celtics at the end of the season. Expect Boston to focus on resigning Pierce. They have KG locked up through 2012. Pierce will be a sought after free agent if he decides not to return to Boston in 2010.

#3 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agent- Josh Howard SF Dallas

Josh Howard has struggled staying healthy this season but has proven to be a top NBA player over the last few years. Howard peaked in the 2007-2008 NBA season when he averaged nearly 20 points a game to go along with 7 rebounds. Howard should be coveted by several teams despite his recent injury problems.

#4 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agent-  John Salmons SF Chicago

The Chicago Bulls have struggled this season and Salmons has been a big part of that. He has been shooting under 40% from the field and his numbers are down across the board. Salmons has proven that these numbers are not his typical numbers as he normally shoots over 47% from the field and has been averaging 18 points per game in recent seasons. Salmons can make the three pointer and provide some scoring to whatever team seeks his services for the 2010 NBA season.

#5 2010 NBA Small Forward Free Agent-  Travis Outlaw SF Portland

Travis Outlaw will land on an NBA team based on potential. He is still young and full of talent. Outlaw was just starting to come around this season before an injury knocked him out for the season.

The 2010 NBA small forward free agents list has some NBA stars. Lebron James highlights the small forward position and it will be interesting to see where he and others land this summer.

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