Fun Basketball Games

Many people have played fun basketball games like H-O-R-S-E. But other basketball training games are not only fun, they also develop and fine tune skills. Try one of these basketball games for something different.

  • Twenty-one. Two or more players work best for this game. Begin with a break, which is shooting one free throw to decide who starts the game. The player who begins the game shoots at any time and can rebound his own shot. Defensive rebounders take possession and must dribble past the three-point line before taking a shot. Once a basket is made, that player receives two points. Then, he steps to the charity stripe and shoots free throw until he misses. Each free throw counts as one point. Once he misses, someone else must rebound the ball and the sequence begins again. First player to 21 points wins.
  • Basketball War. This game requires three or more teams. Two teams begin play. When a team scores, they remain on the court. The team that did not score exits and a new team enters the court. War is a good way to keep the court uncluttered and let everyone play.
  • King of the Court. This game resembles Basketball War and works best with a group of people. King of the Court is played on a half-court and features one-on-one play until one person scores 1-3 points. The winner remains on the court and a new player comes in. The game continues until all one player is left on the court.
  • Knock Out. Two basketballs are required. At least two players need to participate, but this fast-paced game works better with a large group. Form a line anywhere on the court. All players attempt their first shot from this point. The first two players in line get a basketball. Player 1 shoots, followed by player 2. If the first shot by a player is missed, that player must rebound and attempt another basket from any position. If player 2 makes the first shot, player 1 is knocked out or eliminated. If player 1 makes the first shot, he passes the ball to the next player in line. The game continues until only one player is left.
  • Around the World. Players attempt shots at various positions in and around the key. The first player to make each shot wins the game. Then, he faces off against a new opponent.

The next time you shoot hoops and want to try a new challenge, consider one of these fun basketball games.

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