How to Organize a Basketball Tournament

Wondering how to organize a basketball tournament?

A tournament is a fun and exciting way to enjoy the sport of basketball and create healthy competition between players. Some important things to consider when organizing a tournament are: location, tournament type, rules, gear, promotion and support.


If you would prefer to have an indoor basketball tournament, remember that you will need to pay a fee for renting the gym. The rental cost will be an important thing to consider when you are figuring out what the entrance fee should be. To figure out what the cost will be, call the facility and tell them your plan to hold a tournament. Most school gyms charge between around $150 per hour, so plan for that price range. Of course, you could also hold the tournament outside, which would most likely be free.

Type of Tournament

Is this a tournament between intramural teams or between several high schools? Will you keep the standard 5-on-5 setup or will you shorten it to 3-on-3? Also, how many teams will you allow in your tournament? If you overbook teams, you'll have too much downtime. You don't want the players to be sitting around all day. Decide what your limit will be based on the rental cost of the gym and how many teams are interested. Once you decide the tournament type and get a better idea for how many teams will be playing, you can figure out how many games you can play in the time frame you want.


How will scoring work in your tournament? Will you have timed matches or award the game to whoever hits a certain number of points first? If there are men and women in the tournament, you will need to decide if you want to make co-ed teams or keep the genders separated. You will also need to decide if there will be prizes for the winning team.

When you collect entrance fees, you should require all players to sign a waiver. Seek legal advice on how to create one and have all tournament participants sign one so that you are not held responsible for any potential injuries.


Of course, you will need to have basketball equipment on hand for the tournament. You should have a suitable number of basketballs that are in good shape. You should also have jerseys or pinnies to differentiate teams. It may also be a good idea to bring some cones.


Don't let all your hard work go to waste. Market your tournament by creating an eye-catching flyer to post around town and pass out at games. You should also make online event pages and invite your friends.


You can't do everything on your own. You'll need volunteers to help out with check in, score keeping and other tasks. You will need referees as well. You can hire some from the local leagues or have coaches volunteer.

No matter what kind of tournament you hold, remember to have fun but stay safe and organized. As long as you keep everything under control, you will have a successful and exciting day on the court.

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