Making Calls in Pickup Games

Playing pick up basketball in the neighborhood is a great way to spend the summer months. Growing up, the only basketball many children knew was the neighborhood games after dinner and the games on television. So many children learned the art of calling their own calls at a young age. Many children know how it is to have that one player who literally cries his eyes out when he is tapped. However, when he shoves someone to the ground he wants to play all tough guy and says take it like a man. The expected reaction is to get annoyed and not want to play anymore. Sometimes, the feeling of smacking him across the face is really strong. However, violence does not solve anything; so the best solution is to reason with each other on the calls being made.

This will be real ironic if one goes to college and finds a job as a basketball referee for intramurals. Now, the calls are strictly in the ref's hands. Sometimes the calls will be easy to make, while others are tough to decide on. What will follow from neighborhood basketball to college is that one guy who complains about everything. He wants to bully his opponent and not expect a call, but when he gets tapped he is screaming for the referee to blow the whistle. Many people would like to go up to this guy and say shut up, but that would be unprofessional. Just like when people are younger, they have to reason with him about the calls, only this time he really has no decision on the matter. Whenever there is a dead-ball or time-out, the ref will explain why he made the call he did. Most of the time, the person does not agree, but at least it is solved in a calm manner.

The key to calling the right calls in pick-up basketball or calling the calls as a referee is to remain calm. Yelling and cursing all the time will get the situation nowhere and it will make the screamer seem like a hot-head to the other players. Of course it will be hard because the person being dealt with deserves to be put in his place. However, the most reasonable way to deal with people like that is to remain calm and just talk out the problem like a normal adult would. Fighting fire with fire does not put the fire out. Now that is something to think about.

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