Homemade Bird Bath Instructions

Are you interested in making a homemade bird bath? You can easily make a bird bath that will attract many species of birds from household objects. Follow this step-by-step guide for a beautiful bird bath for your back yard.

Choose a Shallow Bath
You can make a bird bath out of virtually any shallow basin. Birds prefer baths that are no deeper than three inches at any spot in the basin. Consider the following household items for basins: a wooden salad bowl, a hollowed half of a log, a pottery bowl, a garbage can lid, a clay pot saucer or a pie plate.

Decorate the Basin
Take the time to decorate your basin. You can paint the outside of it or attach fake flowers or pretty bird ornaments. Make sure you use items that can handle outdoor weather, and that won't scare birds away. Certain colors or shapes could signal danger to specific birds, while other colors will attract certain species. Learn about the birds in your area and the things that attract them to create a bird bath that's decorated with a purpose.

Choose a Pedestal
You'll want to set your bird bath on a pedestal to protect the birds from predators. Look for a tall clay pot, a log, a stump or buy a premade pedestal.

Choose a Location
Look for a safe location within view of a window or favorite resting spot. It's best if the bird bath is located close to a tree, so birds can safely evaluate your birdbath from a perch before using it. This also gives the birds a safe spot to flee if a predator approaches.

Anchor the Pedestal
You'll need to weight or anchor the pedestal so that the basin can safely rest on the top. If you bought a premade pedestal that needs to be filled with sand or water, fill it, dig a shallow hole and anchor the pedestal. You may need to get creative with anchoring if you are using a homemade pedestal. A large, inverted clay jar should work well, as will a solid, round log. Setting these items an inch or two into the ground will add extra stability.

Attach the Basin
Decide if you want the basin to be removable or permanently secured to the pedestal. A removable basin is easier to clean, but it could come loose in a high wind or if a person or animal bumps into it. Weighting the bottom of the basin will make it more secure if you opt for a removable basin. If you want to attach it permanently, be sure to use a weatherproof adhesive.

Consider A Bird Bath Fountain
Birds are particularly drawn to dripping or moving water. You can make a poor-man's bird bath fountain by hanging a watering can or a bucket with a small hole in it over the basin and plugging the hole most of the way so that a tiny bit of water trickles or drips out throughout the day.

If you want to get more sophisticated, you can hook up a hose and position it such that it runs up inside the pedestal, and through a hole in the center of your basin. Set the hose on low so that it bubbles all day.

If you want to get fancy, you can purchase a pre-made fountain and install it. Solar-powered bird baths are favorites, because they do not require you to run an electric cord to the birdbath and they do not have noisy motors that scare birds away.

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