How to Clean Hanging Bird Baths and Other Types of Bird Baths

Birds need clean water, so if you have hanging bird baths or any other type of bird bath, you'll definitely need to take the time to clean it as frequently as possible. Clean water is imperative not only to attract birds to your bath but to keep the birds healthy. It's not difficult to clean bird baths and  should take no more than a half hour. When you buy your bird bath, it should state how often it needs to be cleaned. Some materials need more cleaning than others (i.e. concrete bird baths get mossier than other types of bird baths).

Cleaning Your Bird Bath
To clean your bird bath, tip it to the side so that you can empty out the dirty water. Take the time to rinse the basin with a hose. The harder the pressure, the better: You want to make sure that you remove all of the debris. If your bird bath has a drain, open it.

Take some water and soap and scrub the basin with a stiff brush. After this initial cleaning, you should make a solution that is ¾ bleach and one gallon of water, so you can remove the algae. Pour this solution into the bath and scrub. You should let the solution sit for approximately 15 minutes.

Cover the basin with a piece of wood or something large enough to cover the entire opening (so the birds don't come into contact with the bleach) and something heavy enough so that it won't move in the breeze.

Rinse the bird bath after allowing the solution to sit for 15 minutes. Make sure to rinse the bath as thoroughly as possible. If the birds come into contact with the bleach, they could die, as bleach is toxic. You should rinse the entire bird bath along with the basin.

Refill the birdbath with clean water.

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