An Easy to Make Bird Feeder

Want an easy to make bird feeder but feel a little intimidated? Don't worry. There are several options to offer your birds all of the treats that they might want.

Easy to Make Bird Feeder for Hummingbirds

Do you love hummingbirds? You can make your own hummingbird feeder at home that will attract hoards of birds.

In order to make this hummingbird feeder, you will need a clear plastic liquid dishwashing detergent bottle and cap that have been thoroughly, completely, no-question-about-it clean of detergent. You will also want to remove the label.

Using a nail, punch four holes equidistant from each other near the bottom of the bottle. Make the holes into an oval shape using a pencil. You may have to angle the pencil towards to bottom of the bottle to do this effectively.

Cut two straws in half. Push your mini-straws into the holes about two-thirds of the way in and angled up into the bottle. Glue the straws into place using epoxy.

Pour your hummingbird juice into the bottle after the glue is completely dry. The nectar may run out of the straws until you screw on the cap.

Hang your feeder where you can sit back, relax and enjoy.

Easy to Make Bird Feeder Using Pine Cones

If you have pine trees, making a bird feeder during the winter is a snap. Clean off a pine cone. Get a knife and slather the pine cone with peanut butter. Finish the pine cone by rolling it in the bird seed of your choice. Hang it from and tree and wait. Your buddies will stop and snack at their leisure.

Easy to Make Bird Feeder Using Pie Pans

Not every bird likes to eat perched high in tree. Some prefer eating from the ground. You can weigh a pie pan down with a couple of rocks and fill the pan full of bird seed. Even better, you can simply scatter the seeds in areas where you can easily watch the birds feast.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

While you are probably more likely to have problems with bees than squirrels with that hummingbird feeder, other kinds of bird feeders can attract those pesky rodents.

One secret to getting rid of squirrels, regardless of the type of bird feeder you have, is cayenne pepper. Birds aren't affected by cayenne pepper, but squirrels detest the taste. Mix in some of that pepper. The squirrels will learn to play nice.

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Making a pine cone bird feeder is the easiest way to feed birds, and it's a project that your kids can do with you.

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