Bird Feeders for Children to Make

Bird feeders for children to make are easy and these ideas will show you how. look no further. You will soon be hanging your feeders outside filled full of bird seed to the delight of your feathered friends.

Easy Bird Feeders for Children to Make

Why spend a lot of money making a bird feeder when you probably already have everything you need at home? Take that one-half gallon or gallon plastic milk jug and turn it into a feeding bonanza for birds.

First, punch a few small holes in the bottom of the feeder to allow moisture to drain should the interior of the container get wet.

Next, cut holes on two sides of the milk jug, somewhere between two to four inches large. The size of the holes will help determine the type of birds your feeder will attract. Then, cut a hole beneath each opening. The holes should be slightly smaller than the pieces of doweling rods that you are going to insert so that the birds have a place to perch. These smaller holes will help keep the rods in place.

Fill the bottom of the jug with your bird seed and hang, using wire or string, in a choice location.

Tip: Make sure that you leave the caps on the jugs to help keep that water at bay.

Do you only use those wax-coated milk cartons? No problem!

You can make a bird feeder with an "open door" policy. Punch several small holes in the bottom of the container for drainage. Then, cut across the face of the milk carton about three inches above the bottom of the container. Cut up each side of the carton until you have an opening the size that you would like. Fold up the "door." Punch a hole in the door and a hole in the carton. Run a string through the holes and secure with a knot on each end. Fill the bottom with bird seed.

The door is open for business!

How to Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

You can protect your bird feeder from squirrels using empty plastic soda bottles. If you add a few of these plastic bottles on your string or wire, squirrels will have a much harder time climbing down to your bird seed.

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