How to Build a Bird Feeder

If you know how to build a bird feeder, you will be able to enjoy tons of birds as they nibble away at the bird seed that you have provided.

How to Build a Bird Feeder

Having lots of bird feeders in your yard to attract birds is terrific. However, wouldn't it be fun to have a large space for all sorts of birds to congregate?

You can make this simple bird feeder as large, or as small, as you choose. Nail together four pieces of one inch by one inch by one-half inch pieces of wood to form a square or rectangle. Run wooden braces diagonally from corner to corner for larger frames to provide stability. Staple wire mesh screen to the bottom of the frame. You can use the screen from an old window if you like. Wire mesh screens have the advantage of being able to drain easily. Mount the contraption from a post or hang the feeder in a large tree from the feeder's four corners.

You can use a wooden base as an alternative to the mesh screen. However, you will have to drill holes in the base to allow for water drainage in addition to nailing the base to the frame. You will also have to remove any snow that accumulates from a wood-based feeder.

How to Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

You have several options if you want to avoid having squirrels getting into this feeder and any other feeder that might be hanging in your yard. You might try adding some cayenne pepper to the bird feeder. Birds are fine with cayenne pepper, but squirrels are quite adverse to its taste. You can also place your feeders away from trees or walls where squirrels have an easy jump. Another option is to post your feeders on metal poles and oil the poles to keep the animals from climbing. 

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Suet feeders provide birds with a high-fat, high-energy source of food that helps support their survival during the winter months. You can purchase suet from your grocer, butcher or local feed supply store in raw or cake form or you can make your own.

Making a pine cone bird feeder is the easiest way to feed birds, and it's a project that your kids can do with you.

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Bird feeders and children make a great combination. Your children can learn how to make easy bird feeders while learning a lesson in recycling.

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