How to Make Easy Bird Feeders

If you know how to make easy bird feeders, you can save money, have fun and feed birds all at the same time. There might be some tasty treats in there for you, too.

Orange Bird Feeders

Grab an orange and cut it in half. Scoop out the insides of the orange. You are allowed to eat this if you would like.

Spread peanut butter inside of the gutted orange. Add bird seed, pieces of dried fruit and pieces of bread. Press the ingredients into the peanut butter.

Hang the orange outside for wild birds to enjoy.

Grapefruit Bird Feeders

Substitute a grapefruit for an orange. You can still eat the contents of the grapefruit should you choose.

Bird Feeder Garlands

It doesn't have to be Christmas to make food garlands. String popped popcorn, pieces of dried fruit and fresh cranberries on monofilament thread. Instead of putting these on your Christmas tree, decorate your trees outdoors.

Peanut Butter Bird Feeders

Birds love peanut butter. While you might not like the other ingredients in peanut butter feeders, you can certainly sample the spread as you make your bird food.

You really don't have to be extravagant when it comes to peanut butter. You can simply coat some on the bark of a tree and then press in wild bird seed.

If you would like something more interesting visually, grab some pinecones. Insert peanut butter in said pinecones and roll them in bird seed. Hang the cones from trees with string or ribbon.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

If you are having trouble with squirrels competing with your birds for bird food, don't despair. You have several different options. First, you can make your bird feeders less accessible by placing them away from where squirrels can easily jump. However, that might make bird viewing more inconvenient for you.

Another option is to place your bird feeders on poles and grease the poles so that the squirrels don't have traction to climb.

If that alternative isn't pleasing to you, you can always "seed" your bird food with cayenne pepper. The pepper won't pop birds' taste buds or digestive systems. However, squirrels are not fond of cayenne pepper and will learn to go elsewhere for their food.

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