How to Make Tube Bird Feeders

One of the best bird feeders to have in your yard is the tube bird feeder. This long and thin bird feeder is easy for birds to access and even easier to make. The bird feeder tube is perfect for filling with colorful birdseed and attracting birds to your yard.

Building bird feeders is a fun way to attract birds to your yard and to help them when finding food might be difficult. It's important to think about the length when choosing the supplies for building bird feeders. Try following these tips to create one of the best bird feeders.

How to Build a Tube Bird Feeder
First, you'll need hardware cloth that is ¼ inch in size. With this wire mesh material, form a tube. Close the tube with lightweight wire, as this is the most secure way to ensure your tube doesn't come undone or hurt the birds. If you use this material, you can make the tube as large or as small as you like.

Attach the bottom of the tube to a piece of wood. You can staple or even nail the tube. If you do not have wood, you can use a jar's lid or heavy-duty cardboard. You want the base to be something firm and secure, so consider this when looking for alternatives.

To hang the bird feeder, use more wire, as this is stronger than string. Fill your birdfeeder with seeds. Check to see what birds are wild to your area and buy the seeds or food commonly eaten by these birds. Most stores offer all-purpose bird seed that is bound to satisfy the birds that stop by.

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Suet feeders provide birds with a high-fat, high-energy source of food that helps support their survival during the winter months. You can purchase suet from your grocer, butcher or local feed supply store in raw or cake form or you can make your own.

Making a pine cone bird feeder is the easiest way to feed birds, and it's a project that your kids can do with you.

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