How to Make Window Bird Feeders

Window bird feeders are a great way to bring birds right to your home. Making bird feeders is not only a great way to bring nature close to home for viewing, but it's an inexpensive way to feed the birds near your home. Building bird feeders isn't difficult with some careful thought and planning.

Why Create a Window Bird Feeder?
Window bird feeders are one of the best bird feeders you can make. They bring birds close to your home for easy viewing, are easy to build and are beautiful to look at. Follow these instructions to create a basic window bird feeder.  Most of the materials you'll need to make this bird feeder will probably already be in your home.

Supplies You Will Need:
20-ounce bottle (soda or water bottles are great for this project)
Electrical or duct tape
Suction cups attached to "S" hooks
12 to 15 ice cream sticks
Hot glue gun
Bird seed

How to Make Window Bird Feeders
Make sure the bottle you are using is clean and dry. Remove the bottle's label and keep its tap on.

Take the bottle and cut an opening into its front. You want the top and bottom of the bottle to remain, as well as the plastic connecting the parts, so you'll want to cut a rectangle shape into the bottle.

Take your tape and line the edges of the rectangular opening, making a trim by folding the tape over.

Poke a hole into the back of the bottle's top section and then another at the bottle's bottom section. This is where you will attach your suction cups.

Glue the ice cream sticks around the top half of the bottle, allowing the sticks to overlap a bit so they look like a roof.

Your window bird feeder is ready! Fill it with bird seed and affix to your window using the suction cups.

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