Instructions for Building Bird Feeders

These instructions for building bird feeders are broken out by type of bird feeder. Suet bird feeders are the simplest to make (provided you purchase your suet) and these instructions include tips on how to squirrel-proof your bird feeder.

Suet Bird Feeders

Suet is a type of bird feed that is made using rendered fat. You can buy suet at the store or make your own at home.

The simplest suet bird feeder is to use a tree itself. Spread the suet on the tree, sit back and watch for your visitors to come for their feast.

However, if you would like to have a more focused view of birds, you have another simple alternative. Take your suet and cut it in small pieces. Roll the pieces in bird seed. Load the suet into 8 X 8 netting. Tie the netting close at the top. Hang the netting from a tree using string or ribbon.

Bird Feeder Wreaths

You can buy wreaths at your local crafts store or make your own if you have grapevines, wisteria or honeysuckle.

After you have settled on a wreath, you just have to "decorate" it. Slather on peanut butter and add pieces of dried fruits, bird seed or cereal. Birds like raisins, bread crumbs and jams.

However, don't completely cover the wreath with peanut butter. The birds are going to want to perch while keeping their feet clean.

When your wreath is "done," simply throw it away.

Cup and Saucer Bird Feeder

This is a truly whimsical bird feeder.

You will need a glass cup and saucer. If you want to paint the cup and saucer, spray the outside of the cup and the underside of the saucer with matte finish. After the finish dries, you can paint these areas with your designs using acrylics.

Of course, you can simply leave the cup and saucer clear.

Glue the cup to the saucer and let dry. Then, glue a craft bead to the center of the bottom of the saucer. Finally, glue a dowel to the center of the bead.

You now have another interesting type of bird feeder.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

If you live in an area that has these pesky critters, add cayenne pepper to your bird seed. Birds don't mind, but squirrels certainly do.

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