How to Attract Owls

Want to know how to attract owls?

Owl Information

There is more than one type of owl in this world. In fact there are roughly 145 different kinds of owls, ranging from the elf owl, with a wingspan of about nine inches, to the gray owl, which has a wingspan of up to five feet. Most owls are nocturnal. While owls' vision is very good, they usually depend on hearing to capture their prey, which are usually small mammals such as mice and rats. When they can, owls will eat their food whole. They then regurgitate "owl pellets" which you will find under their nests or areas where owls roost. Owl pellets consist of the parts of the prey that owls can't digest, such as fur, bones and feathers.

How to Attract Owls

Owls are good to keep around not only for their hooting and because they are beautiful birds, but because owls help keep down the rodent population. However, if you use an exterminator to get rid of rodents and other small mammals, you are unlikely to attract owls because you will have taken away owls' food supply. In addition, owls won't accept substitutes for their prey, unlike many other birds and animals. In order be eaten, owls' food must be alive and moving.

So, you must have the right environment for rodents in order to have owls. In order to do this, your yard has to be "messy." In other words, you must have shrubs or piles of brush around to provide both food and protection for small mammals.

Many people would be "throwing in the towel" at this point. Only you can decide how much you really want owls to be near you.

If you decide to go the rodent route, you still have to have the right living conditions for owls. This means that you will have to have an old tree or water-proof nesting box that is at least 10 to 15 feet above ground.

Even if you decide to live with rodents and have the right living conditions, there are no guarantees that you will have an owl move in with you.

However, "who" knows?

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