What Eats Owls

What eats owls?

Owl Information

With over 200 species of owls in existence, you would think that owls live pretty much anywhere. They do, with one exception. Owls live on every continent except Antarctica.

Owls live in a variety of different habitats, from snow to marshes. These birds also vary in size. Most owls are nocturnal, although there are some exceptions. However, all owls eat other animals.

One of the ways that scientists study owls is through owl pellets. Owls can't digest all of the parts of the animals that they consume. After eating, owls will regurgitate owl pellets, which include the fur, bones and feathers of their meals. This helps scientists understand what and how much a given owl species eat.

Food Chains

Food chains demonstrate who eats what in the natural world. Plants, which get their nutrients from the sun and the soil, are called producers and are at the bottom of a food chain. Since animals can't produce their own food, they are called consumers, as animals must eat plants or other animals in order to survive. Herbivores, called primary consumers, are animals that consume plants only as their food source. Secondary consumers are carnivores, or animals that eat meat, and subsist on the plant-eating animals. Tertiary consumers use secondary consumers as their food source. Quaternary consumers eat tertiary consumers. Every food chain has a top predator, which live without natural enemies.

What Eats Owls?

Since owls come in a variety of different sizes and live in a number of different habitats, there isn't a clear cut answer for what eats owls. For example, owls can be secondary, tertiary or quaternary consumers and are sometimes the top predator in their habitat.

If an owl isn't "top dog" where the bird lives, the owl may be preyed upon by birds such as hawks, larger owls and peregrine falcons.

However, human beings kill far more owls than do any other type of animals. While people don't eat owls, they do poison them through insecticides and chemicals and disturb these birds' natural habitats.

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