Designing Your Archery Bow Plans

Drawing up archery bow plans can range from very simple to an intricate art form. Many people who love archery also appreciate archery bow making, the detail and work that goes into creating an archery bow and arrow.

Bows can be made of various materials and archers who create their own bows and arrows often like to experiment. Two of the most common materials for bows are bamboo and yew, though many other types of wood can be used. Some archers make composite bows, which consist of several different types of wood. Composites are often sturdier than bows made of one type of wood because of the density and the reduced likelihood of snapping. At the same time composite bows do take more time to make and usually require a higher level of skills.

Perhaps the most focused on aspect of archery bow making is the bow itself. While dedicated bow and arrow makers do place some emphasis on the arrows, the bow is the most vital part of the bow and arrow set. The construction of the bow will determine how accurate the arrows are, something which can be quite important, especially in a contest or hunting situation. Because of the importance of the bow, different styles of bows have appeared, varying by their use. Some of these include the longbow, the short bow and the crossbow.

Though often considered less important, arrows aren't overlooked. Especially when being used for hunting, the construction of an arrow can matter a great deal. Most arrows are made of wood with a steel head, though some are made of carbon or composite material. Feathers are generally added to arrows to make them fly straight and fast. Arrow makers often experiment with design and weight to find arrows which suit their bows and their needs best.

If you are interested in archery bow making as an art form, study as much as you can. Get comfortable working with wood and try out a few simple designs before really delving into the world of making bows and arrows.

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