Basic Archery Rules

To many people, archery rules might not be widely known. Fewer people use bows and arrows these days, but they are essential for people interested in the sport. Here are some basic rules that will help you out if you're taking up archery or just using a youth archery set.

As you can imagine, archery can be a dangerous sport. Many archery rule are designed to protect the participants. Never point an arrow at somebody (even without the intent to shoot). Always make sure that spectators or other archers are standing behind the person shooting, not in front of or off to the side. If you drop an arrow, don't pick it up until you are told that it is safe to do so.

Although it may not seem like a big deal, you shouldn't fire the bow when there isn't an arrow on the string. Not only is this dangerous, it can cause serious damage to the bow. While you're waiting to shoot, make sure you place the tip of your bow on your shoes to protect the bow.

Archery ranges have whistle commands that help maintain order among the archers. Here are some of the whistle commands:

  • Two blasts: archers may approach the shooting line.
  • One blast: archers may begin shooting.
  • Three blasts: archers may retrieve their arrows.
  • Four or more blasts: All archers must stop shooting immediately and put their arrows away.

When you hear the first blast you'll know it's okay to start shooting. Shoot all of your arrows then step back, away from the shooting line. Put your bow on the rack and wait behind the line. You'll hear three blasts to let you know that it is safe to retrieve your arrows.

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