How to Make Archery Targets

Do you want to know how to make archery targets? They are an important part of archery sets and it is extremely vital that they be safe. Here are some tips on how to make archery targets.

Before you begin, you should be familiar with what constitutes an archery target. An archery target should be sturdy and thick so that you won't be able to knock it over with one arrow. It should be relatively easy to remove the arrows from once you're finished, yet strong enough to hold them once they hit. Study a couple if you can so that you're not creating blindly.

Next consider your materials. A foam archery target may be your best bet. Foam is fairly easy to work with and it makes a durable target to use again and again. You can find foam that is suitable for target making in many places; packing material is a popular choice.

Now you'll create what is essentially the base of your archery target. Choose a size and a shape. Some people prefer to create traditional round archery targets while others are comfortable being creative with their target shapes and sizes. Roughly 1 ½ to 3 feet is generally a good size for an archery target.

From here you could do one of several things. You could make an extremely simple target, consisting of a bag of tightly packed material, which would hang from a ceiling or other object. You could make a sturdier, ground or stand-based target. To do this you could still use the foam - planks work well - and adhere them to one another using glue. Make sure that you make this type of archery target thick, that way it will be able to withstand multiple hits from arrows. Once you have reached your desired size, cover it with a piece of cloth and paint it.

Your final option is for those who really want to go the distance and make a legitimate archery target. Choose the size of the target you'd like to create and cut a piece of foam in a circle in that diameter. Cover the target in a piece of cloth and paint the lines of a target onto it. You'll also have to create a stand, which requires woodworking skills.

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