Guide to Backpacking Solo

Backpacking solo is one of those adventures that you will never forget. It's definitely dangerous but full of excitement and the opportunity to learn so much. With the right preparation and hiking gear, you can attempt to make one of your next hiking trips a solo trip. Here are some tips to safely backpacking solo.

One of the most important things to remember when backpacking is that in general it is recommended that you never backpack alone, and for good reason. Backpacking is an activity which can involve dangerous treks and unpredictable conditions. You never know what kind of situation you may find yourself in and you cannot control certain aspects of backpacking, such as the weather and wildlife. If you are not an experienced hiker, you absolutely should not attempt to take a solo trip. Keep this safety advice in mind as you venture out on a backpacking solo trip, but don't let it defeat you if you're an experienced hiker. Remember that you need to be extra careful when you're backpacking alone.

Ideally you will be familiar with the area that you plan on backpacking in. Even if you are, make sure that you have maps and a compass with you. You never know when you're going to take a wrong turn or unforeseen weather changes are going to take you off course.

Always make sure that somebody knows where you are going, when you are leaving and when you are expected to return. If possible, bring a cell phone or other form of communication with you.

Make sure that you bring along an emergency kit. The emergency kit should have a first aid kit as well as protection from wildlife (like bear-strength pepper spray and a snake bite kit). As far as wildlife goes, you need to be prepared to deal with whatever type of wildlife you have in your area. It is vital that you do research on the types of wildlife that you may encounter before you go and that you're prepared to deal with it.

You also should be aware that other people can pose a serious risk to you. You can prepare yourself against an attack with things like mace, but remember that your best protection from an attack is your instincts. Never ignore a bad feeling about a person.

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