What Are KOA Campground Memberships

There are over 500 KOA campgrounds that offer an assortment of tent, RV and cabin camping rentals. KOA, which stands for Kampgrounds of America, is a series of franchised campgrounds located mainly in the United States and Canada.

The History of KOA Campgrounds
The first KOA campground was created in 1962, in Billings, Montana. Businessman Dave Drum created the campground after noticing the large amount of traffic headed west to visit the Seattle World's Fair At $1.75 per night, Drum's campground offered an inexpensive lodging alternative that proved a big success.

The following year, Dave Drum and two partners formed the KOA Company and began selling franchised KOA campground opportunities. The KOA system continued to expand, reaching its peak in 1982, when there were over 900 KOA campgrounds in North America. Although the system of campgrounds has been reduced, there are still over 500 KOA campgrounds available to campers.

KOA Amenities

As a franchised system, KOA campgrounds are required to keep their facilities up to a published standard. This means that the camping experience at most KOA campsites should be at a consistent level of quality. Some amenities that KOA campgrounds offer:

  • Certified clean. All KOA campgrounds are subject to a rigorous, 600-point annual inspection. This inspection ensures that all campgrounds meet the KOA standard.
  • A wired campsite. Many KOA campgrounds now offer WiFi access, allowing you to connect to the Internet from your picnic table or tent. This is a great way to stay connected to family or friends while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • All the comforts of home. Although features differ from campground to campground, most KOA franchises offer electrical service, sewer hookups and even cable TV hookups!
  • Flexible camping options. KOA campgrounds often offer several options when it comes to camping, including tent areas, RV pads and even cabins and lodges.
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